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Gelsei Sándor
folk art furnitures

Objects and pieces of furniture are significant elements of our life quality and also have a great impact on our emotions even if they surround us in our home, in our place of work, or if we meet them in our leasure time. Considering our everyday furniture, aesthetic requirements are essential beside the practical functions. Therefore, material, size, colour, shape and decoration are evident when we think about really fitting pieces of furniture - just as simplicity and practicability.


Obviously, fashion trends have a great impact on furniture styles, but fashion changes rapidly nowadays. Mass production and humdrum shaped furnitures have ended in the recent increase of pretension for hand-made, natural specialities and for clear-out shapes in furniture production, to give a more natural life-style.

There are early traditions of furniture-painting in Hungary, but the most significant and the most beautiful works date back to the 18th century. Professionals of the Carpathian region have created a unique and standard school of furniture painting, characterized by a number of typical regional elements. Whole dynasties, like the Umling family from Kolozsvár, or the Sütő dynasty from Vargyas, prepared painted and graven pieces of furniture and church fixtures.

The beautiful, painted furniture are the symbols of delight, our close contact with nature, traditions and wisdom and inner harmony. The simple elegance of furniture is due to the symmetric construction and the usage of only a few colours. The shapes of flowers and women are the most ancient and eternal symbols of beauty and they were popular patterns in the age of Renessaince as well. A well-composed bunch of flowers can contain thoughts about birth, growth, heyday or deliberate passing.

The pieces of furniture can be decorated with patterns not just from the Renessaince, Unique objects, fixtures in restaurants or in homes, ashlars in public places and wooden ceilings can be prepared in a style typical of other countries, periods as well. All of our painted furniture are hand-made and customized. Our motives create an integration with the natural materials we use. It's a real pleasure to live in such an environment.







Tulajdonos/ Besitzer/ Owner: Gelsei Sándor
Információ/ Information: 3394 Egerszalók, Ifjúság u. 51.
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